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Packaging NetBeans as a Snap

I’ve been working on an experiment with Snap packaging. I really see a potential in these packages as they remove the curse of packaging an application to the very fragmented world of Linux distributions. NetBeans to Apache movement is progressing … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 17.10 and Gnome Shell

I spent some time  during the Holiday season to upgrade Ubuntu on my machines. I was shocked by the news in April when Canonical announced that they ditch their Unity desktop environment. I’ve learned to love Unity. It was not … Continue reading

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System76 Galago Pro Review

I received my new Galago Pro a week ago. I’d been searching for a successor of my aged Lenovo Ideapad S215. That little notebook had almost everything I needed 3 years ago, and I bought it second hand for € … Continue reading

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HP EliteBook 850 vs. Bluetooth

Just a quick note so as to it may help others. I’m regularly using Bluetooth connected devices like keyboard, mouse, and headset with my notebooks and sometimes even with desktops. Everything worked well at start on HP EliteBook 850 then … Continue reading

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HP EliteBook 850 vs. Ubuntu

Well, it seems I’m going to travel around the world in the next few weeks. So I have to say good-bye to my desktop machine at the office (a bit customized Dell one with Ubuntu and ZFS with a few … Continue reading

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Ubuntu LivePatch is Enabled

What a coincidence! I just had to reboot this afternoon after ~20 days of uptime in order to apply kernel and docker changes. I briefly thought when would we use the Live Kernel patching feature which is one of … Continue reading

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