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Gradle Suite for NetBeans 0.8.0 re-released

Well, it’s been a long time.  Long time from my previous posts and even longer since I did anything on my NetBeans Gradle plugin. What has happened so far: We (as a family) moved to Portland, OR from Europe. My … Continue reading

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Packaging NetBeans as a Snap

I’ve been working on an experiment with Snap packaging. I really see a potential in these packages as they remove the curse of packaging an application to the very fragmented world of Linux distributions. NetBeans to Apache movement is progressing … Continue reading

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Gradle Suite for NetBeans 0.8.0 Released

My life got quite busy recently. I have a new project at work and I had to step down from the “old” one as graceful as I can, so the hobby had to wait. I worked on two streams recently, … Continue reading

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JPA Persistence Support will Arrive with Java EE

I could spent some time on this weekend on Gradle JavaEE functionalities. Someone said, that all this support would be half handed without a persistence support. So I’ve added that. The current implementation is nearly as good as you can … Continue reading

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Gradle WebProject Deploys in NetBeans

I had a small breakthrough with supporting Gradle Web Projects. It is now possible to run a web application from NetBeans with a configured Application Server. There are restrictions though: The Application Server shall be  a Glassfish The project shall … Continue reading

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Gradle Suite for NetBeans 0.7.0 Released

What a weekend! I’ve spent my nights and early mornings polishing this new release, taking pictures and writing New and Noteworthy page for it (check that for details). Main Features: Compile/Run/Debug Single File Build Input Parameters Support Project Layouts like … Continue reading

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My Gradle Plugin for NetBeans

I had a blog once long time ago. It was a corporate one and I’ve really enjoyed writing it… I’ve started to write a Gradle Plugin for NetBeans about two years ago now. It was a hard decision to start … Continue reading

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