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Gradle Suite for NetBeans 0.8.0 re-released

Well, it’s been a long time.  Long time from my previous posts and even longer since I did anything on my NetBeans Gradle plugin. What has happened so far: We (as a family) moved to Portland, OR from Europe. My … Continue reading

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System76 Galago Pro Review

I received my new Galago Pro a week ago. I’d been searching for a successor of my aged Lenovo Ideapad S215. That little notebook had almost everything I needed 3 years ago, and I bought it second hand for € … Continue reading

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The First 90 Days

I’ve planned a post or two about or life being here at the end ow the world. I’ve been postponing that for some time, but this rainy Sunday morning seems to be ideal for that we won’t go on trip … Continue reading

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Relocation: Done

I’d been away from my blog and my projects for a while. The past three months were really hard for me and my family. We have moved from Hungary to US west coast Portland, Oregon. It happened faster than expected … Continue reading

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