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Gradle Suite for NetBeans 0.8.0 re-released

Well, it’s been a long time.  Long time from my previous posts and even longer since I did anything on my NetBeans Gradle plugin. What has happened so far: We (as a family) moved to Portland, OR from Europe. My … Continue reading

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Packaging NetBeans as a Snap

I’ve been working on an experiment with Snap packaging. I really see a potential in these packages as they remove the curse of packaging an application to the very fragmented world of Linux distributions. NetBeans to Apache movement is progressing … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 17.10 and Gnome Shell

I spent some time  during the Holiday season to upgrade Ubuntu on my machines. I was shocked by the news in April when Canonical announced that they ditch their Unity desktop environment. I’ve learned to love Unity. It was not … Continue reading

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TP-Link AC1750 vs. CenturyLink Fiber

I’ve spent a few hours figuring this out, so I thought I share my experience. The background story: We have a bunch of wireless devices at home. Unfortunately the router is placed at one end of the house and the … Continue reading

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System76 Galago Pro Review

I received my new Galago Pro a week ago. I’d been searching for a successor of my aged Lenovo Ideapad S215. That little notebook had almost everything I needed 3 years ago, and I bought it second hand for € … Continue reading

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The First 90 Days

I’ve planned a post or two about or life being here at the end ow the world. I’ve been postponing that for some time, but this rainy Sunday morning seems to be ideal for that we won’t go on trip … Continue reading

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Relocation: Done

I’d been away from my blog and my projects for a while. The past three months were really hard for me and my family. We have moved from Hungary to US west coast Portland, Oregon. It happened faster than expected … Continue reading

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Things I’ve Learned on IPv6

As an appendix to my previous IPv6 post, I’d like to summarize what I’ve learned on my IPv6 journey. IPv6 address space is vast: It would be enough to address each and every atom on the surface of Earth, though … Continue reading

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IPv6 at Home with Ubuntu

Somewhere around December 2016 I realized that my ISP has changed my router settings form IPv4 only to dual stack and the era of IPv6 has come for me as well. It was not an easy beginning. Though there are … Continue reading

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Gradle Suite for NetBeans 0.8.0 Released

My life got quite busy recently. I have a new project at work and I had to step down from the “old” one as graceful as I can, so the hobby had to wait. I worked on two streams recently, … Continue reading

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