Gradle Suite for NetBeans 0.8.0 re-released

Well, it’s been a long time.  Long time from my previous posts and even longer since I did anything on my NetBeans Gradle plugin.

What has happened so far:

  1. We (as a family) moved to Portland, OR from Europe.
  2. My self hosted infrastructure become dead in the summer of 2017
  3. I could migrate the source repository to Perforce Helix
  4. Our project in US got cancelled in December.
  5. I was able to migrate the issues and milestones to Perforce Helix.
  6. We moved again
  7. Gradle changed it’s logging style
  8. I become a PPMC Member in Apache NetBeans, helping the team in QA and Snap packaging.
  9. I’ve got a new Project in California
  10. NetBeans 9.0 is out.
  11. I decided to have my plugin repository available on Amazon S3.

So here is the new update center URL:

This is almost the same functionality than the previous 0.8.0 build, the only enhancement is that it supports Gradle 4.10.

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