Relocation: Done

I’d been away from my blog and my projects for a while. The past three months were really hard for me and my family. We have moved from Hungary to US west coast Portland, Oregon.

It happened faster than expected and we went through the following stations:

  1. Get the job.
  2. Get an Offer
  3. Scoop the money.
  4. Prepare the papers for the VISA
  5. Prepare for the VISA Embassy Talk
  6. Pack the family
  7. Sell the car
  8. Prepare for the travel
  9. Travel
  10. Get a correct car
  11. Get a house to live
  12. Get an temporary place for the first week till the place is to live gets ready
  13. Get the initial documents
  14. Open a Bank account
  15. Arrange Furniture
  16. Buy a bike
  17. Get a phone Number
  18. Get an SSN number
  19. Find Schools for the Kids
  20. Get the Insurance Working
  21. Buy a car
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2 Responses to Relocation: Done

  1. And now enjoy every minute of it 🙂


  2. Ivan says:

    I hope now you will have some time to jump in a call and go into details… 🙂 please! you know where to find me…


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