Gradle Suite for NetBeans 0.8.0 Released


My life got quite busy recently. I have a new project at work and I had to step down from the “old” one as graceful as I can, so the hobby had to wait.

I worked on two streams recently, one was the JavaEE support, the other was continuing the work on where the previous version has been cut. I’ve got some advices from Attila Kelemen the author of the other Gradle plugin and tried to focus on the out of the box usability improvements:

  • It is default to use the Gradle Wrapper to those projects which has Wrapper included.
  • Projects are evaluated online, if offline evaluation fails, by default. This means downloading dependencies on project open. This can increase the time of the first project open, but the IDE has more stable knowledge on the project.
  • More precise inter-project dependency detection by handling dependencies between test sources.
  • There is a Sources customizer in the Project Properties from now which makes inspection of the SourceSets and their directories and classpaths more easy.
  • In case of problems the plugin now tries to analyze the problems a bit deeper to provide more information.

More details on this release on its New and Noteworthy page.

Here, I wish to say thank you to Attila for sharing his thoughts and suggestions!

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