Gradle Web Projects are Coming

My last post was about that the first deployment of a somewhat special web application has happened. It seems NetBeans needs a separate content directory which would be an exploded war (at least according to my research). However the SPI says I could return null for this directory if it is absent, and Gradle by default does not generate such a directory when assembling a war file,  so I thought implementing all this stuff would be useful later on incremental deployment feature. The practice shows that this directory is really required.

So I ended up with augmenting the build process with an explodedWar task. I also needed to implement/copy the functionality behind this content directory. I thought it would do the trick. Unfortunately all these work just fixed the message on the deployment progress bar. It seems that NetBeans deployment really depends on the context path stored in the application server dependent descriptor file. If these file is missing NetBeans would generate one. So fixing the path for this file generation made NetBeans deployment work.

In the meantime I’ve worked on the new web project wizard, so server and Java EE profile can be selected now. On the customizer side the profile is now detected from the Gradle dependencies, so it cannot be set manually there.

What is left to do:

  1. Finish saving all the changes in the Run customizer
  2. Add support for debug and deploy actions.
  3. Open the proper browser page after succesfull run action
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