System Property Leakage in Gradle

I presented Build and CI for our Test Automation Course on two Universities. I use Gradle as build tool, as I think this is the future for at least the JVM based languages, and it is quicker to demonstrate how and what KPI-s are usually collected during the build process.

I usually use my plugin for demonstration, but yesterday it got a bit weird due to a missing Java keystore, so I had to improvise a bit and use the command line. (Yes my bad, I had had to make sure that the tools are working on the presentation device as well.)

Examining the problem later, I’ve discovered that System Properties which are set in the IDE just goes right through the Tooling API and can affect the build process. Well, most of the time it won’t do any bad, but as we have no control of this behaviour it is no good. So I’ve reported this as a bug:


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