My Gradle Plugin for NetBeans

I had a blog once long time ago. It was a corporate one and I’ve really enjoyed writing it…

I’ve started to write a Gradle Plugin for NetBeans about two years ago now. It was a hard decision to start it as there is an existing one which had been working already.

I took a different design path, and based my work on the really nice implementation of the Maven plugin. It took more than half year to develop a version which could actually was able to deal with a Gradle project, but even that version has an impressive feature set:


Gatling on NetBeans with Gradle

  • Fast Project Loading
  • Effective Project Caching
  • Cancellable Builds
  • Auto-Reload Projects on Script Change
  • Automatic Gradle Runtime Installation
  • Task Navigator

Well some of these features are still unique. I’ve spent another one and a half year of my free time going further down on that road with a few detours.

Telling the truth I’ve got hooked into NetBeans module development by now. Right now there are only a few of my co-workers using my plugin, still I got excited to develop more and more features, polish the raw edges of this plugin.

I would like to dedicate a part of this blog on the work behind the scenes developing this plugin.

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