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Gradle WebProject Deploys in NetBeans

I had a small breakthrough with supporting Gradle Web Projects. It is now possible to run a web application from NetBeans with a configured Application Server. There are restrictions though: The Application Server shall beĀ  a Glassfish The project shall … Continue reading

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Gradle Web Projects are Moving to NetBeans 8.2

I some free time and decided to update my web-project branch from trunk (of course along with the 0.7.0 features). After the update I’ve checked that how would it compile against NetBeans 8.2. It did not end up well. It … Continue reading

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Ubuntu LivePatch is Enabled

What a coincidence! I just had to reboot this afternoon after ~20 days of uptime in order to apply kernel and docker changes. I briefly thought when would we use the Live Kernel patching feature which is one of … Continue reading

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Gradle Suite for NetBeans 0.7.0 Released

What a weekend! I’ve spent my nights and early mornings polishing this new release, taking pictures and writing New and Noteworthy page for it (check that for details). Main Features: Compile/Run/Debug Single File Build Input Parameters Support Project Layouts like … Continue reading

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System Property Leakage in Gradle

I presented Build and CI for our Test Automation Course on two Universities. I use Gradle as build tool, as I think this is the future for at least the JVM based languages, and it is quicker to demonstrate how … Continue reading

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My Gradle Plugin for NetBeans

I had a blog once long time ago. It was a corporate one and I’ve really enjoyed writing it… I’ve started to write a Gradle Plugin for NetBeans about two years ago now. It was a hard decision to start … Continue reading

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